Jan 12

Kumo – Blickfang 2011




In 2011, a group of 13 ILEK_Lab students designed and realized an interactive installation for the Blickfang design fair in Stuttgart. Inspired by the image of dropping rain and clouds, a set of slim vertical elements was installed above the lounge space of the fair. The single elements, called kumos (a Japanese word for spider and also for cloud), open up and expand horizontally into a spider-like configuration representing a cloud. In total, the 30 elements as a system are capable of generating complex and dynamic motion patterns and thus provide a continuous variation of the spatial appearance.

by: Amlis Botsch, Carolin Forster, Orestis Gkouvas, Nicola Haberbosch, Franziska Hann, Julia Heibaum, Jannik Lambrecht, Fran-cisco Pérez Florido, Takashi Sato, Michael Schnell, Andreas Schön-brunner, Jonas Unger, Johanna Zinnecker


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