Innovations relevant in architecture are often developed in research areas that are at most peripheral to architectural practice. It is then up to architects and engineers to discover the potential of a technology and to enable its breakthrough. As an interdisciplinary research institute the ILEK wants to draw the students attention to intersections of architecture with other fields, making such innovations possible.

The LAB is intended for students that are interested in approaching technical subject matters in a creative and conceptual manner. It offers students the opportunity to explore and reshape the technological conditions under which architecture is created. Technologies that are not yet positioned in the classical teaching of architecture can be tested through practical “hands-on” experience.

Besides the regular study programm, we encourage students to be proactive and work on projects derived from their own fields of interest. If you have an idea for a project that involves new technologies, electronics, programming , prototyping and computer aided manufacturing, we offer our support and our facilities to help you putting your ideas into practice.


Stefan Neuhäuser < stefan.neuhaeuser(at)ilek.uni-stuttgart.de >
Christoph Witte < christoph.witte(at)ilek.uni-stuttgart.de >

Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK)
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